Eternal Life


- Des Walters -


As we read the bible we discover that those issues concerning LIFE and how it function, are all presented to us in parabolic form. By this I do not mean that they are written as "fables", but that they are all demonstrated for as in nature.

It is perfectly obvious that the account of CREATION is in fact the presentation of a network of LIFE, from forms that are too small to see with the naked eye right through to the trees, rivers oceans, and the sun, moon and stars. When it comes to MAN, he is found in a GARDEN surrounded by all the various forms of life. The "fall of man" is the most talked about event in the life of this man Adam, and is expressed as a choice between eating the fruit of two different trees, the Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil and the Tree of LIFE.

Nature therefore becomes a material representation of spiritual realities, and the divine order. The problem for Adam did not simply come because of his choice of the Tree, nor because he ate the fruit, but from the FRUIT ITSELF. This "FRUIT" contained a seed pregnant with its own form of "LIFE" which was released into the blood stream of humanity, for all of mankind was represented in Adam.

All of these facts should cause us to ask the question, as to WHY nature should be so extensively used to illustrate this thing we call LIFE? However it must be obvious to all that the God who created MAN, also created every other form of life. I believe this fact has not been duly considered by many, and this has led them to conceive that the LIFE in man is quite distinct from all others forms of life. Remember we are speaking about LIFE ITSELF and not the FORM it may have been given in creation.

I will confess to you that MY eyes have been opened to see in all of nature a revelation of LIFE, that gives us an understanding, which can be found nowhere else. It is my purpose in this notes to share with you some of the details I have discovered, that will help to unlock the mysteries of LIFE that have been ignored by so many.

One reason for our lack of true understanding of LIFE has been the fact that Christians have DIVIDED it into two parts. One is called PHYSICAL LIFE, which incorporates all of nature as well as man in his "natural" state. The other is called SPIRITUAL LIFE, which is said to come form God and can only be accessed by Man through repentance and faith in God. I am convinced that this distinction is not accurate and in fact conceals the truth concerning LIFE as it is revealed in JESUS CHRIST. More about this as we proceed with the discussion.


Creation is presented to us as the BEGINNINGS of ALL THINGS. You will notice I have used the plural word "beginnings" which is found in the Hebrew scriptures is Genesis 1:1. This word is valid because ALL things that the Creator ELOHIM decided to create found their beginning at that time.

It is obvious that LIFE is the real focus of creation in its myriad forms, the highest of which is MAN. The source and origin of all life is God out of whom everything came. No definition is given as to what life really is, for it remains a mystery. Scientists have spent countless hours studying the phenomena, grasping something of its process but unable to unlock its secrets. The illusive dream of the scientists is to produce LIFE by some chemical means, but he has never succeeded and never will.

In creation, and therefore in nature, God has provided us with an explanatory handbook of life and the laws that govern it. But despite the revelations made available to us in nature, life itself remains shrouded in mystery, but at the same time directs our thoughts, like a sign post back to its source which is GOD. It says to us, all life is simply a manifestation of GOD regardless of its form, and therefore the mystery remains, and will continue to do so.

Nature is Godís great university unlocking many secrets giving us a better understanding of how life functions. As we give it careful thought, we are awakened to the fact that there are definite LAWS that govern its activity. These laws are established by the same one who created all things, and are not random in operation but show a fixed pattern, functioning uniformly through out the universe.

Jesus said, "Consider the lilies of the field HOW THEY GROW". This is not such a strange statement in light of the fact that the principle of GROWTH is the same for the lily as it is for mankind. Doctors may be able to identify issues that may stunt growth, but the PROCESS of growth remains a mystery. Jesus challenges a manís ability to add to his stature by any means, for its impossible to modify growth, because it is part of the mystery of LIFE.

It is impossible to put life itself under a microscope, but we can study the LAWS God has set in motion which impact upon that life. These laws, which are displayed in nature enable us to understand more about life that finds its source in God.


When we speak of LAW our mind pictures a courtroom, complete with a judge and prosecutor, and so we think in terms of legality, violations and punishment. However, what about the Law of Gravity, Genetics or Bio-Genesis? These have nothing to do with legality and no one is about to be charged if they are violated. So we need to see the "Law of God" as being a part of the DIVINE ORDER that is constant in all of nature, rather than legal issues demanding punishment for any violations. Many of the erroneous views concerning God's Laws, are put to rest when we see them relating to an ORDER that was established in the beginning, and has never been changed.

One of the most striking aspects of nature is the fact that it conforms to a beautiful order which is easily observable, yet it as mysterious as life itself. Perhaps the very mystery of that order is the thing that helps convince us that it has a divine origin. However there is no doubt that the two greatest factors in the DIVINE ORDER of this universe are these.

Firstly, there is continuity in these laws right from the beginning of time without any deviation.

And secondly, these laws provide a harmony in nature which is evident to every man. From time to time mankind has expressed a desire to tap into this harmony as the stress of living tends to overwhelm him. Various movements have sprung up over the years particularly among the youth, in a bid to discover peace by seeking to "plug in" to the harmony displayed in nature. From a purely natural point of view, such efforts did bring many a sense of relief, even if only temporary. However it is interesting to note that Jesus himself directed people's thoughts towards nature when he ministered to them.


I would like to draw your attention to several things mentioned in this passage of SCRIPTURE. The first is that Jesus did not hesitate to reiterate NATURAL LAWS and than apply them to humanity. This is contrary to what many Christians believe, but as we consider what he had to say we see that the "order" established in creation has a definite bearing upon our life today. Therefore we cannot gain a true understanding of life without reference to them.

Our bodies of flesh and blood have an affinity to the earth on which we live. Therefore the natural laws of the universe apply equally to us as they do to what we call nature. Do you realise that GRAVITY is essential for our body to function. Our human organism is designed to function according to the condition of GRAVITY, and if it ceased to function, so would our body. The natural laws which supply our atmosphere are just as essential for us as they are for any other segment of nature.

It is also foolishness on our part that we have considered NATURAL LAWS have no place in the realm of the SPIRIT. To live under one set of laws and than suddenly to have to ignore them and conform to totally different laws would create chaos. However it may be questioned as to how GRAVITY would apply to SPIRIT, so allow me to explain. A Spirit is free from gravity and able to move anywhere any time without any resistance from such a LAW. This is not because the LAW OF GRAVITY does not exist for spirit, but because it operates only on mass. Therefore as far as SPIRIT is concerned, GRAVITY still functions as usual, but because there is no mass involved, gravity has no influence over it. So we can see that no NEW law needs to be enforced and no natural law needs to be cancelled, for gravity to function in continuity, even in the realm of SPIRIT.

The purpose of this study is not to go through of the various law oh the universe, which would make it academic and without spiritual virtue, but to show that the God who established the natural laws, is the same GOD WHO IS SPIRIT AND TRUTH. We must bear in mind that the physical material world was not the first to be created, but that it actually came out the UNSEEN WORLD of spirit. The original creation of Genesis 1 must have been of necessity, spiritual.

This being the case, it is logical to us to consider that the laws governing the material world had already been laid in the Spiritual, and not the other way around. Thus the natural world becomes an incarnation or physical representation of the SPIRITUAL. Perhaps here we are discovering the purpose and function of this natural of world, as an object lesson or living representation of a higher order, which holds the key to reality. Thus Paul exhorts us, "Not to look at the things which are seen but at the things which are not seen, for the things that are seen are TEMPORAL, but the things which are not seen are ETERNAL." 2 Cor 4:18.

Unfortunately most Christians have no concept of the SPIRITUAL WORLD, because reality for them is bound up in the world that is visible to the naked eye, all of which Paul says is purely TEMPORAL. God has so ordained, all things will continue to function in conformity to the laws or ORDER established in creation. No one would be able to live in this world if God's order failed to operate. Just imagine for a moment the world as illustrated in a children's book called, "THE CHANCE WORLD,"

In that world everything happens by CHANCE. The sun might rise in the morning or it may not. Or it could rise at midday. If we jumped up in the air we might not come down because gravity may not function. Such would be a mad chaotic world if God's order was not consistent.

Jehovah said, "Of all the trees of the Garden you may freely eat, but of the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil, YOU SHALL NOT EAT OF EAT OF IT, FOR IN THE DAY THAT THOU EATEST THERE OF, IN DYING THOU SHALT DIE." Gen 2:16-17. We have distorted the TRUTH when we make this to be a LAW in the legal sense. If this was meant to be a LAW in the legal sense, I believe God would have said, "If you eat of that tree of the knowledge of good and evil, I WILL PUNISH YOU WITH DEATH."

In no way can you read into scripture such a threat. God was telling Adam of an established ORDER governing the thing we call L-I-F-E. What exactly do we know about that order of life? Adam needed to know that HE COULD LOOSE the life he had, simply by embracing the knowledge system know as GOOD and EVIL. It may shock you to know that this Divine ORDER concerning LIFE has never been rescinded and is just as valid today.

Paul tells us that there are CELESTIAL bodies and there are TERRESTRIAL bodies functioning on different levels of LIFE. 1 Cor. 5:40. Paul continues, "The first Man (Adam) is of the EARTH, EARTHY, but the second man (Jesus Christ) is the LORD FROM HEAVEN. Adam was a living SOUL while Jesus Christ is a L-I-F-E, GIVING SPIRIT.

Adam was told that the LIFE he received from God would be lost to him, and replaced by an inferior "Life" called "Death" if he ate from the wrong tree. Why was that so? Because the knowledge of Good and Evil does not, and cannot function within the consciousness of eternal life, but can operate only on the lower lever of MORTAL LIFE. These two "levels" of LIFE are mutually exclusive, without any possibility of one encroaching on the other.

On the scale of LIFE, we can only move downward. According to God's order, ascending to a higher level demands that someone from that higher order reach down and LIFTS US UP. Thus the plant reaches down into the inorganic mineral world and absorbs the mineral into itself, where that higher order within the plant, transforms it into living tissues. Christ likewise reached down into humanity tasting death for every man, raising us up IN HIMSELF into eternal life.

Our mortality locks us up to the LAW of SIN and DEATH under which order we are cut off from the reality of GOD. Man, being by creation a spiritual creature, therefore finds it necessary to create an IMAGINARY GOD responsible for GOOD, and an opposing "God" called the DEVIL, who is responsible for EVIL. This "fruit" of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, has now dragged man down to the point where his "LIFE" is VANITY. The high and holy calling of God invested in man has been obscured by a knowledge system that has erased the very purpose of his creation, thus affecting all other life in this universe that was made subject to him.


I trust we have gone beyond the kindergarten concepts taught by religion suggesting Adam simply ate an APPLE. Nature becomes the allegory that explains Spiritual truth. The divine ORDER in the beginning was that the SEED of the tree would be IN THE FRUIT. The Garden of Eden was a representation of the heart of MAN and still is to this very day. Every man is today walking in his "garden" with access to these same two trees. The divine order set by God in the beginning is still valid. THE SEED that contains the LIFE of every TREE is in itself!

So there is something here far more than Adam satisfying his natural hunger, in the eating of that fruit. In doing so he was PLANTING WITHIN HIMSELF an alien consciousness, as the SEED released its " LIFE" in Adam. Adam had access to all the trees of the garden, including the TREE OF LIFE that was the Divine source of all LIFE. However MAN chose to find his LIFE in a knowledge system, depicted as a tree, whose life is not generated in God, but like a parasite, feeds from the natural or Carnal mind of man, producing a pseudo "Life" which God called DEATH. This is despite Adam knowing that God is the fountain of all wisdom and knowledge. Thus the TRUE understanding of God was lost being replaced by a duality of authority involving GOOD and EVIL.

This KNOWLEDGE of Good and Evil was generated within the MIND of MAN, so that the "LIFE" it produced was INFERIOR to the LIFE of GOD because of its source. This lower level of LIFE, made Adam a Mortal HUMAN BEING, replacing the Spiritual LIFE that Man was given by Jehovah in the beginning. So that day, Adam died to his GOD CONSCIOUSNESS, where GOD is in everything, as represented in creation.

Now a new consciousness called GOOD and EVIL, became established in man, the source of which was in his MIND and not in God. His first thought in this "new" arrangement was, that he was NAKED, for he was no longer conscious of the mantle of divinity that covered man in creation. The exposure of his nakedness highlighted the difference he perceived between himself and God that caused him to be ashamed to stand in his presence. What a change for MAN who was created in the Likeness and Image of God, to now be ashamed to stand before God and declaring he was NAKED.

Beloved, as you read these words I want you to see how closely your life is represented in this man ADAM. Do not the same feelings of guilt and shame overcome you, as you sense the presence of the Lord. Paul says, in this body we groan, earnestly desiring to be clothed upon with our Spiritually body, which is from heaven, so that we will not be found naked, and that our mortality might be swallowed up of LIFE.

Be assured beloved, that the "GOD LIFE" Adam had in the beginning, could only be affected by the MIND of MAN, No devil or demon external to man had the power to bring him into death. The potential to rob man of that Life was resident within his MIND when the Soul or Female became separated from the influence of God.

Do not speak of some devil out there who can rob man of his inheritance, for it does not exist. It is the CARNAL MIND that Paul says IS DEATH, and sees God as its enemy. Solomon said, "The power of LIFE and DEATH is in THE TONGUE", and not in the devil. It is the HEART or MIND that believes, but it is the TONGUE that makes the confession bringing it into manifestation.

God gave to man spiritual and mental capacities far beyond any other living creature that he had made. It had to be so because man was made in the likeness and image of God, and not as some human robot manipulated by remote control. A free man, controlled by no other force than L-O-V-E, is the only one that could only fulfill the will and purpose of the creator. Therefore the possibility that man would use his great mind to search for a "life giving knowledge" outside of God, was a definite possibility.

How many of God's people today have embraced the fruit of the tree of the "knowledge" of good and evil, honestly believing that God intended we should live by this knowledge. Like Adam, Man has come to believe that God has the ultimate ability to discern between GOOD and EVIL, and so we believe that the more we are sensitive to these things, the closer we must be getting to living as GOD! Man has reduced GODLINESS to an ability to choose the GOOD and shun the EVIL, which in religious terms simply means that I "love" God and "hate" the devil. Such is the foolishness of the human heart.

The power of the human MIND is patterned on the GOD MIND, and is greater than we could ever imagine, having the ability to CREATE OUR OWN WORLD. For those who reject the tree of knowledge and eat of the tree of LIFE, their world is expressed as a garden filled with peace and joy. But for those who choose the tree of knowledge, it is a wilderness, with devils opposing them on every side, making their life a misery.

The Truth for those with EARS to hear what the Spirit is saying to his people, is that "To KNOW THEE (In Reality) the only true God and Jesus Christ who you have sent," IS ETERNAL LIFE, and that is the only Life of God. However DEATH for Adam, involved being lowered from a dimension of ETERNAL L-I-F-E lived in communion with God, into a lower level of living complete with a consciousness of sin and separation from God. For Adam and for all mankind that "level" of LIFE is called in the Bible, D-E-A-T-H. This "life" cannot embrace the glories of the heavenlies, nor can it know God or fellowship with him. A tree has no capacity to fellowship with an animal, and neither can an animal commune with a MAN, because we are speaking about LIFE on different levels, although each possesses what we call LIFE.

Adam reasoned in his mind that he could raise himself to a higher level of life, by embracing a knowledge that was outside of GOD and all that he had created. After creation was complete, God pronounced that everything was VERY GOOD. With this in mind, we realise that GOOD and EVIL, which is a comparison system, had no place whatsoever in all of creation, for EVERYTHING WAS VERY GOOD, and evil was unknown.

Thus was birthed in the CARNAL MIND of man, an imaginary world of angels with wings like a bird, devils, demons, and evil spirits, which have joined the ranks of "reality" even for those who claim to know God. To believe such things, we must call God a liar, because he told us everything he created was VERY GOOD, when in fact much of creation must have been EVIL. Conversely, to BELIEVE what GOD said, causes us to abandon anything to do with the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and know that God spoke the truth.

Why is the LIE so easy to believe? Because manís knowledge is limited to the physical material world of appearance, in which good and evil function and this is all he knows. Paul says everything in that world of visibility is passing away, but the eternal realities only exist in the UNSEEN WORLD OF SPIRIT. In that Spiritual world there is NO GOOD AND EVIL for GOD IS ALL AND IN ALL! Adam died to that spiritual world by eating of the fruit of the tree of knowledge.

Thus Paul says, "DEATH was passed upon all men, " because no one could stop it or escape its power. Why was that? Here is where nature teaches us concerning the divine ORDER. A TREE has LIFE, and functions according to the ORDER established in the "beginning". However a TREE knows nothing about the glory of our God and has no power to fellowship with him, and yet IT IS ALIVE. There is NO TREE in the universe that has or ever will be able to fellowship with God, because its L-I-F-E is of a lower order that renders it incapable of Spiritual participation. But this is only true in this physical world, for we are called "Trees of Righteousness" growing in the spiritual world. We can say the same for the animals and for the birds and the fish all of which have LIFE.

MAN born of a woman, with all his powers of comprehension and knowledge, has no ability to commune with God on the level of LIFE with which he was born of a woman. Why is that? Because mortal LIFE has no capacity to access the SPIRITUAL REALM in which God dwells, any more than a tree can understand electronics. Each level of life has only a limited range of association that is necessary for it to function. To speak of man having the ability to do something that will enable him to possess eternal life, is as foolish as a tree thinking it could somehow become part of humanity.

For this reason Salvation is BY GRACE, THROUGH FAITH and that NOT OF YOURSELVES, IT IS THE GIFT OF GOD. God's order does not allow anything to rise up to the next highest order of LIFE without being LIFTED up by something or someone in that higher order.


The writer to the Hebrews tells us that, "Through faith we understand that the worlds (eons) were farmed by the WORD OF GOD so that THINGS WHICH ARE SEEN, WERE NOT MADE OF THINGS WHICH DO APPEAR." Heb 11:3. This is a most important statement and one we should ponder. GOD IS SPIRIT so it is logical to assume that creation must have been spiritual in the first instance. Then out of that spiritual creation Jehovah brings forth a manifestation into the visible world where it has become Manís reality.

Scripture declares concerning creation, it was the WORD or LOGOS that MADE ALL THINGS, and without him was not anything made that was made. Jn 1:3. Many theologians have taught that God created the heavens and the earth OUT OF NOTHING. But this is nonsense, and contrary to the Truth. Scripture says that THINGS were not created out that which we can see, but OUT OF THE UNSEEN or SPIRITUAL REALM. To put it clearly, ALL of creation came OUT OF GOD that is SPIRIT. Paul states this in Romans 11:36.

"For from HIM and to HIM are ALL THINGS, for all things originate with him and come from him. All things live through him, and all things centre in and tend to consummate, and to end IN HIM." (Amp.)

The ATOMS are the building blocks of the universe and their form could hardly be called MATERIAL. They consist of PROTONS and NEUTRONS functioning as a miniature universe with its own "gravity" and power. On this basis matter does not appear to be as solid as we might think, but may be considered more Spiritual than physical. In this regard Heb 1:3 tells us that Christ UPHOLDS or HOLDS TOGETHER ALL THINGS by the Word of his power. Having spoken all things into existence, they will remain that way by the power of HIS WORD. However this entire material world, which includes our bodies could be dismantled in a moment of time, if God withdraws his Word.

When we look at a magnificent building or piece of architecture, tell me where did it have its beginning, in the visible or physical realm? The answer is it began in the invisible world as a thought in the mind of some engineer or architect. Before one brick had been laid upon another, someone had an IDEA seeing it in their mind as the finished product. But it was only a thought or an idea at that point in time, for there was no representation of that idea visible in the physical world.

The next step was for that man to draw the design on paper with all the relevant details making it possible for someone to actually bring it into visibility in the material world. Only then can anyone actually SEE a representation of that idea. It began in the "spiritual" unseen realm but now appears as a representation of the spiritual in the visible world.

Now we can look at creation from the point of view of TRUTH. Elohim being SPIRIT purposed in himself that he would have a creation in which he would invest himself. Thus WISDOM expressed itself through creation, but at that point there was no visible representation of any of those ideas. The manifestation of those ideas was yet to come, as the WORD or CHRIST gave form to them. Jn 1:3.

Here we see the DIVINE ORDER set in motion and continues to function as one of the LAWS OF GOD. It is God (Elohim) that creates (the idea which is unseen) but it is MAN the only begotten SON that brings forth the manifestation (the visible) of that which is created. Hence Jesus Christ makes it very clear that, "I AND MY FATHER ARE ONE." Jn 10:30. The father and Son act in concert, doing exactly what he sees the Father do, for whatsoever he doeth, these also doeth the SON likewise."

This is the divine ORDER (law) laid down in creation, that the Father CREATES and the SON brings the mind and will of God into manifestation. This same order applies today to the true SONS of God just as it did in the beginning. Therefore the whole purpose of the SONS of God today, involves bringing into visibility that expression of God that he spoke into existence in the beginning.

It is true that creation was finished on the sixth day, and then God rested, but we must understand that creation at that time had no yet found expression in the visible world, for it was SPIRIT. Because of this we need to clearly understand what God created when he said, "Let us make man in our image and after our likeness." Gen 1:26.

In the very next verse the Bible says, "So God created MAN in his image, in the IMAGE OF GOD created he HIM, MALE AND FEMALE CREATED HE THEM."

First of all take note of the fact that this MAN was in the IMAGE AND LIKENESS of GOD. Do you believe God had a BODY of flesh and blood? If so, then we can assume rightly that the MAN would be created with the same body. B-U-TÖ.


Why then we should we believe that the likeness and image of God expressed in creation, is a flesh and blood body!! Secondly we are told that this MAN is both MALE and FEMALE, which is a problem for many to grasp, because of our BODY ORIENTATION in a physical world. No beloved, that CREATED MAN was SPIRIT just as was the rest of creation.

If this is not true we must believe that John had it all wrong, when he said, "In the beginning was the WORD and the WORD was with God and the WORD was God. The same was in the beginning with God. ALL THINGS WERE M-A-D-E BY HIM (THE WORD) AND WITHOUT HIM WAS NOT ANYTHING MADE THAT WAS MADE" John 1:1-2. The word "MADE" is the Greek word "GINOMA" meaning TO CAUSE TO BE OR BECOME. Contrary to many commentators views, the WORD did not CREATE all things, BUT he MADE them. (verse 3.)

Because creation was initially spiritual, belonging to the UNSEEN WORLD, there was not in the first instance anything VISIBLE!! Hebrews tells us that things which appear were not made of things that are visible. Everything came out of the invisible world. Thus the scripture makes it clear for us as we read on in Genesis 2.

V3 And God blesssed the seventh day, and sanctified it, for in it He hath ceased from all His work which God had prepared for making.V4 These are births of the heavens and of the earth in their being prepared, in the day of Jehovah God's making earth and heavens; V5. And no shrub of the field is yet in the earth, and no herb of the field yet sprouted, for Jehovah God hath not raineth upon the earth, and a man there is not serve the ground, V6. And a mist goes up from the earth, and hath watered the whole face of the ground. (Youngs Translation)

It becomes evident that Creation was a Spiritual existence with God(Elohim) speaking everything into existence in the Spirit world, preparing them for manifestation in the visible world. According to John it is the WORD that brought everything into manifestation, or made them visible. We notice as we read the account in Genesis 2:1-3, it speaks about GOD or ELOHIM. However in verse 4 we notice another who is called the Lord God. This is literally JEHOVAH ELOHIM and this is the one that MADE (not created) THE EARTH AND THE HEAVENS, bringing them into visibility.

I believe it is important that we identity this one, who MADE all things and without it him was not anything MADE that was made. John tells us he was FACE TO FACE WITH GOD (Elohim) in the beginning. The only one we are told who was there with God was MAN created in his image and likeness.

This is the JEHOVAH of the Old Testament, whose name was so holy that Israel would not pronounce it. Whenever that name occurred in their Scripture, they always pronounced it 'Adonai. The equivalent word in the Greek is Kurios, meaning a supreme master. Jehovah, has been rendered in the English Bible as LORD, printed in small capitals. This is the proper name of the God of the Hebrews. Heb. ' adon, means one possessed or absolute control. The old plural form of this Hebrew word is 'Adonai.

As we stated before, the only SON created by God was the WORDS or LOGOS and this M-A-N is pure SPIRIT with no mention of any physical body. This is the MESSIAH and JEHOVAH of the Old Testament and the I AM THAT I AM, who spoke to Moses. This one brought creation into manifestation in the visible world. In Genesis 2:7 we see this Jehovah or Spirit MAN bringing forth a manifestation of HIMSELF, using the dust of the earth. Having FORMED the MAN he then proceeded to breathe into his nostrils the BREATH OF LIVES, and MAN BECAME A LIVING SOUL.


The creation of man was quite unique and different from everything else. For instance all plant life came forth FROM THE EARTH, (Gen 1:11) as did the animals or souls. Gen 1:24. However , God SPOKE man into existence in creation by a WORD. Gen 1:26. This "WORD" was the total expression of the heart of God. Therefore he came forth in the very likeness and image of God as the finished product, without any progressive perfecting. I believing this to be quite distinct from the rest of creation, and makes MAN unique.

Part of that distinction lies in the fact he is called JEHOVAH which means, "The existing One." Thus his life has no limit declaring himself to be the ALPHA and the OMEGA, the beginning and the end. Thus he was endowed with the LIFE OF GOD which is referred to as ETERNAL LIFE.

However it must be remembered that JEHOVAH of the Old Testament, the MESSIAH, had no true representation in the material world. Adam in the Garden, was but a FIGURE of the one who was finally to be revealed in Jesus Christ. Therefore the knowledge of God in the Old Testament was very limited. Moses and Abraham were allowed to speak to God in a far more intimate way than anyone else.

For the rest of the people, they were dependent upon the prophets, many of whom spoke a word partly from God but mixed with the thoughts of man. During this time Israel developed there own theology and a complete religious system which stood in stark contrast to the revelation of God manifest in Christ Jesus. Part of the reason for the false concepts they developed was the fact that MAN saw himself as a separate entity from God, having come from the DUST.

Man was limited to what he could SEE touch feel etc. So the DUST became the MAN, instead of understanding that his L-I-F-E had nothing to do with the earth for IT IS SPIRIT and its origin is GOD. The mind of man now had no ability to embrace the things that be of God, because it was carnal. All of the REALITIES in man's life were visible and touchable.

The tabernacle and Temple were expression of their inability to KNOW GOD. The MOST HOLY PLACE was sealed off to MANKIND leaving God as a mystical figure outside of man's knowledge. Thus in Israel's history he was only revealed in the cloud, pillar of fire, the burning mountain, and as a mystical figure represented in various object and places.

Even MOSES who spoke with God face to face had to ask God to reveal himself to him. EX 33:18-20. This request was only partially granted as he was not allowed to see the FACE OF GOD. Therefore the LAW was necessary to bring a semblance of ORDER and preserve the life of man. It declared as much of God as man could understand because of the blindness of his heart, in words that the carnal mind could grasp. The LAW relied upon its negative effect to cause man to understand that he was not submitted to God neither indeed could he be, as he was unable to keep God's requirements.

Although some of their prophets declared much Truth it could only be understood in part because of the darkness of their hearts. But the chief word for them was that JEHOVAH their MESSIAH, would one day be born of a virgin, and this would be IMMANUEL, GOD WITH US.

However even this knowledge was distorted in their minds to the point, that when he came unto his own people, they would not receive him. According to their mind he would come as a mighty King manifesting great power in destroying their human enemies, and leading the nation of Israel to victory. It was their prophet Isaiah who declared, "He shall grow up before him as a tender plant and as a root out of a dry ground, having no form or comliness, that when we shall see him there is no beauty that we should desire him.

The hope of mankind is in the fact that, "To as many as received him, (as the true revelation of MAN in the likeness and image of GOD, and therefore of GOD HIMSELF) to these he gives the authority to become the Sons of God, even to then that believe in his NAME (his nature). John 1:12-13.

This LIFE manifested in Christ Jesus is the first time ETERNAL LIFE had ever been seen on the earth. To him, the LAW was not something imposed upon him limiting his activities or the development of a holiness to prove his identity, but the fulfilment of all RIGHTEUOUSNESS, which is an aspect of Eternal Life.

Adam squandered his life in hi quest for knowledge which was outside of all that is God. John tells us that eternal life is identified with the KNOWLEDGE OF GOD. Therefore without that knowledge of GOD there can be no such LIFE. This helps us to understand that "Eternal Life" involves far more than simply longevity. After all Methuselah lived for 969 years, which is almost beyond our imagination, but no one could say his life was ETERNAL. If we could live on this earth for 5000 years and then died, neither could we lay claim to eternal life.

This one thing is certain, that the conditions necessary for eternal life DO NOT EXIST ON THIS EARTH, they exist only in the spiritual realm.

Man is totally unique in all of creation because of the high degree of consciousness God gave him, which allows him the ability to relate to everything that has life. However Eternal Life remains out of his reach because he has lost the ability to relate God who is the very source of LIFE>

Man has the ability to fellowship with MAN, because he knows and understands mankind. Paul says, "For what man knoweth the things of man, save the spirit of man which is in him." 1 Cor 2:11. But such ability does nothing to extend his life, because he already knows what man is.

However John tells us that element that eternal life involves the KNOWLEDGE OF GOD, and Jesus Christ who was sent into the world. Jn 17:3. This is not a natural knowledge for man, because it is unknowable through the natural faculty of man's MIND and consciousness. Scripture says that eyes have not seen it, and ears have not heard it, and man's mind has not even considered such knowledge. 1 Cor 2:7-10.

Paul declares that by revelation he was able to declare the WISDOM OF GOD which is a mystery hidden from the ancient men of this age. However God ordained before this aged began, that man should have access to this wisdom, and that it would add another dimension to the glory of man.

Eternal LIFE is therefore a QUALITY of life that links MAN with GOD. To speak of life eternal as SOME THING which we can get, is proof of man's ignorance of spiritual things. Christendom has presented this life as a kind of reward given by God to those who "ask Christ into their heart," and repent of their sins. Thus it is considered to be, that which gives us access to a place called heaven after we die.

The "Gospel" that has become so popular today presents eternal life as the "dream life" Christian will live in some ethereal heaven walking on streets of gold. It has become one of the great incentives offered to mankind to induce him to come to Christ. The other enticement is to escape a burning hell forever. But to conceive such to be the mind and purpose of God as the ultimate intention for mankind created in his likeness and image, surely indicate how far we have come from the TRUTH.

No wonder Paul tells us to present our bodies as a LIVING sacrifice, and BE TRANSFORMED by the RENEWING OF YOUR MIND. Rom 12:1-2. Our LIFE is not centered in, or dependent upon our Body, because it is hid with Christ in God. Paul continues, "SO WE being many (people) ARE ACTUALLY INCORPORATED IN ONE BODY IN CHRIST, AND EVERYONE ARE MEMBERS ONE OF ANOTHER."

Beloved I want you to grasp the truth the Spirit is revealing to us here. In the beginning God created ONE SON the I AM THAT I AM, the self existing one and the CHRIST. This one came out of God created in his likeness and image. Now Paul reveals to us that we, that is you and I were CREATED IN CHRIST JESUS. Eph 2:10. So this is OUR BEGINNING also, with GOD as our origin. Paul also tells us that we were chosen in HIM before the disruption of the world, or before Adam brought sin and death upon mankind. Can you grasp these things?


So now we have established our origin or where we came from, in the beginning. According to Romans 11:36 all of creation came OUT OF GOD and exists as a part of GOD and finally must return in completeness into GOD. Here we begin to see what ETERNAL LIFE really represents. This LIFE ETERNAL cannot exist APART FROM GOD for IT IS GOD who is the LIFE PRINCIPLE contained in all of creation. Creation does not exist apart from God, and the TRUTH is neither does MAN. But in eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, man saw himself separate from God and believe God was his enemy.

However the SPIrit is now revealing CHRIST not as some figure head up in the sky, who we must expect to return some time in the future, BUT LIVING IN MAN NOW as our LIFE. This one resident within us is the IMAGE OF GOD and the righteousness of God, and declares I AND MY FATHER ARE ONE, which makes US, ONE WITH GOD. AS we enter into this consciousness we are not waiting to go to heaven, for we have arrived. This beloved IS ETERNAL LIFE.

The really is just as Jesus declared, "AT THAT DAY YOU WILL KNOW THAT, "I AM IN MY FATHER, AND YOU ARE IN ME AND I AM IN YOU." Jn 14:20

THIS BELOVED IS LIFE ETERNAL. Anything less than this is not eternal life as revealed in Jesus Christ. The religious focus many Christians have of eternal life, is having our sins forgiven and going to heaven when they die. But this has very little relevance to the TRUTH.

Here is the TRUTH. If you have a God who is up in the sky, or in some ethereal heaven, you have never experienced eternal LIFE. If you cannot believe you were created in Christ Jesus and that you LIVE IN HIM, making you ONE WITH GOD, then you do not have eternal life.

When man became separate from God in his mind, there was nothing that could sustain that Life of God and so man died. God has never been separated from his creation except in the mind of man. Here is how the prophet Jeremiah considered Israel. They have forsaken the fountain of LIVING WATERS, and hewed them out cistern, BROKEN CISTERNS, that can HOLD NO WATER. Jer 2:13.

Many have been deceived into believing they have ETERNAL LIFE, even though they have no enlarge consciousness, nor any greater dimension to the life they live, and are just as susceptible to the power of death. This would be the same as Adam saying nothing had changed after eating of the tree of knowledge. Be assured, beloved, Eternal Life for us today is a equally of life which creates its own heaven, and lifts us into the Kingdom of God.

Eternal life is not a T-H-I-N-G we can get FROM God under any conditions. It is not in doctrines, or religious observances, or law keeping, regardless of what they may be, but can only be experienced IN UNION WITH GOD.

This is LIFE ETERNAL, to know THEE

The only TRUE GOD and Jesus Christ

Whom thou hast sent. Jn 17:3

Beloved, there is no eternal life outside of GOD, for there is nothing out there that can support such a LIFE. Therefore it is not until we enter into union with God that we will ever experience that life which exists only in him.

To this end did Jesus pray, "that they all may be ONE, as thou Father art IN ME and I IN THEE, that they also may be ONE IN US, that the world may believe that thou hast sent me.

And the glory which thou gavest me I have given them, that they may be ONE even as WE ARE ONE." John 17:21-24.

This is the consummation of God's purpose for man, and which has always been the divine intention. To KNOW GOD is to enter into union with him, and share that Eternal Life which was manifested in Christ. This is the same life that was given to you, when you were created in Christ Jesus. It is the darkness of our hearts that has hidden the TRUTH from us, until we believed mortality, or the dying process was the heritage of man. But Christ has now come that we might have LIFE and have it more abundantly.

May the Lord give you understanding of these precious truths.


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